Armeniac Ambrosia Princess – 100% Natural Wild Crafted Loose Leaf Herbal Tea in a T-Stick

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Armeniac Ambrosia Princess – 100% Natural Wild Crafted Loose Leaf Herbal Tea in a T-Stick

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Ambrosia Princess Queen Flowers infusion – according to medieval Armenian manuscripts the ingredients of this herbal infusion were used as an active blood cleaner, immune-modulator, and mood improvement. Ambrose means “immortal”, hence this tea was called “Heaven’s infusion”.This combination of queen flower, safflower petals with cinnamon and cardamom, creates a symphony of delicate taste. It is said that this blend was crafted for a Princess, whose name and origin is unknown.How to prepare: pre-portioned in single serving inventive T-Stick. Each pouch contains the perfect measure for a cup. Simply add the T-Stick into a teapot or directly into a cup and pour hot water over tea leaves, steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy. May be served hot in winter and chilled in summer.TEA OF INCOMPARABLE QUALITY- ARMENIAC TEAWe are not just selling the tea, but delivering care, attention and drop of love to our customers through each drop of our infusion. With generation to generation tradition, we deliver the world's freshest products to customers to over 85 countries, sourced directly from Armenia wonderland.Odzun village is located in Northern Armenia and has unbelievable terroir, beautiful climate, freshly pure alpine air, crystal mountain water, fertile soil and very handsome people who live in this place. In this village environment you feel yourself happy and blissful, like a marriage with nature and absorbed by purely fresh air and sunshine.ENVIROMENT BIODIVERSITY and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – our innovative model of wild harvesting and natural multiplication ensures environmentally friendly activities and good harvesting practice to get the healthiest cup of infusion. And our farmers get a better price for their produce. The 1% of our revenue is redirected to community development, alternate income generation activities, and environment protection towards the harvesters training.

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