Graph Tech Tusq Extra Large 1/4" Nut Slab

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Graph Tech Tusq Extra Large 1/4" Nut Slab

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The PQ-4025-00 is a 1/4" thick block or slab of pure TUSQ.  It is a 1/4" thick and can be used to make a nut, small saddle or just about any thing you can imagine. Tusq is a man-made ivory substitute from Graphtech that has the off-white appearance of ivory but with many improvements. A lot easier to file and polish than bone, superior sound over Micarta and Corian. Use this on an acoustic guitar and hear the sound come alive It's easy to see why a lot of the big named acoustic guitar companies are switching over to Tusq. Sizing Chart Measures Length Width Height E to E Inches 2.50 0.250 0.437 N/A Approx In 2 1/2 1/4 7/16 N/A Millimeters   63.5   6.35   11.10 N/A  
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