Chocolate Electronics Velvet Driver Overdrive Pedal

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Chocolate Electronics Velvet Driver Overdrive Pedal

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Velvet Driver is a light gain overdrive pedal made up of all discrete circuits with FET and bipolar transistors. It features a subtle emphasis on the midrange and a response that faithfully reproduces a detailed picking nuance. The "drive" knob offers a tube amp style of operation - starting from almost clean to increasing levels of smooth and sweet-sounding overdrive. As the name of this pedal implies, the silky velvet gain sounds have been expertly captured in this pedal and can work in conjunction with an amp that is set on the edge of break-up to achieve some truly singing lead tones.  The "Treble" / "Bass" tone controls have a wide variable range and are easy to dial-in the best sound to match your guitar, amp and your own playing style. The Velvet Driver pedal can be powered by an internal 9V battery (not supplied) or using an external power supply.  Case painting is handmade one at a time, with a subsequent and subtle relic process added. Chocolate Electronics is a guitar effects pedal brand founded and owned by Tetsuro Horino who launched on October 31, 2013. Horino spent several years refining his pedal designs in his spare time while working full time in an electronics-related company. He intricately hand makes every single pedal with care in Japan using the very best components available.   Watch our YouTube demo of the Chocolate Drive, Velvet Driver and Naked Crunch pedals that specifically compares the gain levels between each pedal while keeping all other settings constant.   With single coils:   With Humbuckers:  
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