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Fastime 28L

Fastime 28L

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Fastime 28L It has a rugged water-resistant and shock resistant case with backlight and a 1-year warranty.   Mode A: Stopwatch: The stopwatch can count up to 24 hours. Timing to 1/100th sec for the first 30 minutes. Then in 1 second intervals. With START, STOP, (TIME OUT) RESUME or RESET function and CUMULATIVE SPLIT TIME function. ONE/TWO FAST FINISH: Press the split button to take the time of competitor 1. Press the stop button then the split button to show the time of competitor 2. Mode B: TIME OF DAY Mode C: ALARM SET: Use this function to set the alarm. Good for rugged single event timing and sports games such as football and events where cumulative split times are required. Suitable for professional use. FASTIME 28L FEATURES BATTERY CR2032 SIZE Length: 80mm, Width: 70mm Depth: 20mm, Digits: 15mm FEATURES Extra Large Display and Bright Backlight

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