Finis Backstroke Wedge

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Finis Backstroke Wedge

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Finally, the solution coaches have been looking for - an affordable way for swimmers to practice with a backstroke wedge before championship swim meets. The Backstroke Start Wedge is FINA- compliant and can be used during training and competition as a way for swimmers to get an explosive start without slipping. FITS ALL STANDARD BLOCKS Compatible with single- post, two-post, four-post and large-base blocks ADJUSTABLE SWIMMER SETTINGS Swimmers can easily customize the wedge height through five different settings PRACTICE BEFORE COMPETITION Allows swimmers to learn how to use the device, find their setting and optimize the benefits prior to competition EXPLOSIVE RACE START Adds power and agility to swimmer's backstroke start AFFORDABLE WAY TO GAIN EXPERIENCE Coaches are finally able to outfit every lane with a backstroke starting device MANUAL SYSTEM Much more affordable and versatile than automatic devices
  • 品牌: Finis
  • 类别: 潜水
  • 年龄组: adult
  • 颜色: Yellow
  • 性别: unisex

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