Finis Dryland Cord Medium Swim Training Aid

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Finis Dryland Cord Medium Swim Training Aid

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Resistance Workouts Are A Vital Aspect Of Swim Training And Conditioning. The Dryland Cords Are Made With Durable Rubber Tubing And Comfortable Handles. Attaching To An Anchor Point, The Dryland Cords Allow Swimmers To Train Outside The Water And Simulate Swimming Movements, Building Strength And A Better Range Of Motion. The Dryland Cords Are Appropriate For Swimmers Of All Ages And Abilities The Cords Are Also A Great Tool To Combat Injury And Maintain Strength In The Off Season. Workout Outside The Pool Simulates Swimming Movements And Isolates Vital Muscles Resistance Training Enhances Speed By Building Endurance And Strength Full Body Workout Trains Triceps, Chest, Biceps, Shoulders And Abs Range Of Motion Resistance Training Increases Range Of Motion For All Four Swim Strokes Rehabilitation Easy Way To Combat Injury By Building Specific Muscle Strength Foam Coated Handles Provides Comfort And Safety Compact Small And Lightweight Cordsfor Easy Travel Yellow Webbing - Light Resistance Green Webbing- Medium Resistance Red Webbing- Heavy Resistance Cord Length: 90.5 Inches (230Cm)

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