Mont Bleu Large Glass Nail File with crystals WA-B - Fuchsia - Light Rose

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Mont Bleu Large Glass Nail File with crystals WA-B - Fuchsia - Light Rose

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Mont Bleu Glass Nail FileThink of a stylishly designed, beautiful crystal nail file, with quality demonstrated in every element, and you'll come close to imagining the Mont Bleu Glass Nail File.As far as the production is concerned, it's the twice-tempered glass that is traditionally forged in Czech Republic which makes the difference. Add in the handmade Swarovski Elements and you have an exquisitely high quality finish. The result is a collection of unsurpassed components which come together to preserve quality in your nails - where it matters the most.Built to last, tempered twiceThere is a tempering method that has revolutionized the industry, and it has evolved from the Czech techniques which transformed the production of glass nail files. We utilize these ground breaking practices to ensure our files do not degrade in quality over the years, standing up to frequent use.Crafted from hardened Czech glass alloy, this nail file is renowned for its durability. Our double tempering process multiplies the effect, making them even stronger and allowing you to look after your nails with ease for generations.Hand applied Swarovski designsOur artists work diligently to create a stunningly intricate crystal design. Application of genuine Swarovski Elements can be a painstaking process, but one that ensures you have a file which is the height of both efficiency and elegance.Practical yet luxuriousMont Bleu file comes in a protective pouch. The file's dimensions are: 195 mm long by 2 mm thick (7.68 inches long by 0.12 inches thick).The quality of this nail file ensures that will be a valued addition to your toiletry bag for years to come.

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Design-Glassware by Mont Bleu

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