Mont Bleu Cuticle Trimmer, Flat, Stainless Steel

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Mont Bleu Cuticle Trimmer, Flat, Stainless Steel

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This exquisite piece will give you perfectly shaped cuticles every time. With its extra sharp ground edge guaranteeing you a uniformly gentle cut, it glides across the nail to remove cuticle. You can be assured of safe handling with its ergonomic flat handle.For a perfectly beautiful set of nails, it is extremely important to have a lovingly crafted cuticle – which is exactly what the Mont Bleu Cuticle Trimmer gives you. It is true that your nails are a reflection of yourself, so by adding a high-quality cuticle trimmer to your beauty set, you are giving your hands and feet the attention they deserve.This brilliant product is hygienic, sterilisable, anti-corrosive and durable. So, if you are looking to add a cuticle cleaner to your set of nail apparatus, then this product is ideal.Length: 12 cm / 4.72" inchesSuitable for professional or home useSolid stainless steel

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