Mont Bleu 3-piece Manicure Set in Soft Leatherette Case, Black - Yellow

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Mont Bleu 3-piece Manicure Set in Soft Leatherette Case, Black - Yellow

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Nickel plated scissors have the benefit of staying sharp and being strong. The nickel plating also prevents them from rusting with frequent use in damp, bathroom conditions, meaning these are manicure sets which could be a lifelong companion to your toiletry bag. You will find these scissors to be conducive to precise and efficient cutting, and they are suitable for both finger and toenails.Made from premium materials such as steel and tempered glass, you will benefit from the handmade production processes which are conducive to an end product which is unmatched in its superb design.Being able to withstand scratches which could potentially damage standard leather, faux leather is in demand for its strength and protective powers. This leatherette case is made in Germany and provides the ideal casing for your Mont Bleu tools. For those who are environmentally minded, faux leather is also likely to appeal, using no animals in the production process.Contents:Nail scissors - sharp and precise, suitable for finger or toe nails, made of nickel-plated Steel in ItalyTweezers - slant end will catch even the smallest hairs, made of stainless steelCrystal nail file - handmade of tempered glass in Czech Republic, perfect for taking care of your nailsCase - faux-leather, made in Germany, size ca. 110 x 55 mm

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