Decorative Snake Colour Changing LED Acrylic Light

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Decorative Snake Colour Changing LED Acrylic Light

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13.5cm tall x 11cm wide LED base measurements - 6.5cm diameter x 3.8cm tall Overall approximate height - 15.5cm LED lights are cool ways to show off your loved acrylic design in 7 different colours OR a changing cycle of colours. We have many designs to choose from but if you do not see something you like then take a look at our Acrylic Mirror section and we can let you know if we can convert any of those into a lamp for you as well free of charge. You will receive: 1 Acrylic topper of your choice design 1 LED light base for the acrylic topper to be slotted into. 1 USB Cable What YOU need: Hands to put this together (VERY simple) and something to plug your new USB cable into, either a computer's USB port or a USB plug... these tend to be free with most mobile devices or can be purchased online or in most high street stores pretty cheaply. These LED bases are also battery operated. (x3 AA) How to use: Plug one end of the USB cable into the back of the LED light base and the opposite end into your USB slot or plug.Slot the Acrylic designed topper into the slot on the top of the LED Base pressing firmly.Press the button on the top of the LED base once and the base will light up showing one colour.Press again for the next colour (7 in total)Continue this process to view all of the 7 colours available. (currently Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple and White)When the LED base becomes RED for a 2nd time do NOT press again.... At this point the LED base will cycle through all the colours gradually change from one to another.ALL LED bases are checked before we send them out but if there are any problems please contact us within 14 days of receiving you light. Please note that to turn the light off you need to hold the button down for about 3 seconds. Cleaning: Do not use any chemicals or cleaning agents on the LEDS base. To clean your designed acrylic topper none waxy furniture polishes can be used on both sides. DO NOT use window/glass cleaner as these are to abrasive for the acrylic.  
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