The Art of Murder, Murder Mystery Case File Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

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The Art of Murder, Murder Mystery Case File Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

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Calling all budding detectives  6 Puzzles in 1 Murder Board MysteryThis Murder Mystery Case Files, the Art of Murder Puzzle is so much more than just a jigsaw puzzle, it is a murder mystery waiting to be solved If you can piece together the series of events, combining the murder board and provided evidence, in puzzle or physical form, you will successfully solve another case.First, create the scene and build the murder board – a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle. There are also five 50-piece essential evidence puzzles to be completed to help lead you to the murderer Next search for vital links in the evidence collected to guide you to the next step and to an eventual conviction. Unleash the detective within. Other evidence, including the Detective’s Journal, the Police Report, the Toxicology Report, photographs and crime scene tape and sticky notes, will help you to set the scene and solve the crime The Murder Mystery Case Files Puzzle, The Art of Murder, is a great gift for all those murder mystery buffs who enjoy jigsaw puzzles.Includes all evidence to identify the murderer but there are some hints and solutions available online if you need some help.Contents: One 750-piece murder board jigsaw puzzle, five 50-piece evidence jigsaw puzzles, Suspect Reports, Newspaper Article, Magnet and other evidence pieces. Suitable for age 12 years and over.You might also be interested in Murder on the Underground which is another title in the Murder Mystery Case Files range of puzzles.
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