Cleo Active Leg Massager (size S-m) Velcro

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Cleo Active Leg Massager (size S-m) Velcro

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Cleo Active Massage Machine For Legs Cleo Active electric leg massagerboots are a great way of achieving an effective leg massage; they provide relaxing, soothing lower leg and foot stimulation in just 20 minutes. Cleo Active massage machine for legs stimulates the calves and feet by pneumatic air compression, which mimics the pumping action of exercise, the air leg massager boots gently apply and release pressure below the knee, and are designed to work in the same way as the hospital ‘Flowtron’ treatment. Cleo Active electric leg massager can help provide complete conditioning for your legs and is an easy, effortless way of achieving the same benefits you would receive from a professional massage therapist in the comfort of your own home, any time you need it; up to 3 times a day. Cleo Active massage machine for legs is incredibly simple to use - just plug in, sit back, put your feet up and unwind whilst the therapeutic air pressure stimulates your muscles giving you more comfortable, relaxed legs. For more information on about how the Cleo Active leggings work, click here.  BENEFICIAL FOR EVERYONE Cleo Active massage machine for legs not only invigorates your legs, it looks after your entire body and can help a variety of people ...from the athlete to the elderly, office workers to those on their feet all day, in fact anyone wanting to revitalise or improve the condition of their legs or those with existing leg problems. If you’re unable to exercise regularly due to ill health or time constraints, Cleo Active electric leg massager performs the essential stimulation your body needs by massaging your leg muscles with no effort required THE IMPORTANCE OF ACTIVE LEGS Regular use of Cleo Active electric leg massager can help revive your legs if you have lack of stimulation and leg activity, and can significantly improve your general well-being too, promoting relaxation and comfort to your legs If you want to avoid leg problems developing, then regular sessions with our massage machine for legs could help. DESIGNED FOR QUALITY Intelligent design Cleo Active massage machine for legs is a micro-computer smart design; featuring ‘user selectable’ pressure strength and rhythm option settings. Simple Operation Cleo Active massage machine for legs delivers therapy through open toed knee high boots that connect to a hand-held, computerised control unit with a simple ‘button press’ operation panel. Lightweight The electric leg massager leggings are made from a lightweight, maintenance free, strong but delicate material providing maximum comfort and durability.
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