Innova Accupressure Reflexology Massage Slippers

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Innova Accupressure Reflexology Massage Slippers

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Accupressure Massage Slippers The design of of Innova Accupressure Massage Slippers is based on the principles of foot reflexology, a technique that is thousands of years old with origins in Ancient China and Egypt. This therapeutic method of holistic healing is based on the stimulation of the reflex zones on the foot, using acupressure; pressure is applied to specifically targeted areas on the foot to provide benefits in other body parts and organs. Innova Accupressure Massage Slippers help to alleviate and in some cases prevent a variety of ailments and to achieve a physical and mental balance, thanks to 82 acupressure points (41 on each slipper). Innova Accupressure Massage Slippers are ideal for use to benefit many aspects of your wellbeing: reduce the symptoms of stress and nervous tension stimulate purification and elimination of toxins activate blood circulation the immune system and the endocrine system enhance muscle relaxation encourage mental and physical balance improve sleep quality Unisex design in various sizes, made from PVC and fabric with hook-and-loop fastener which easily adjusts to fit the width of your foot. One pair included.
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