Singing And Dancing Party Games Pack

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Singing And Dancing Party Games Pack

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5 singing games, old favourites and new additions, designed for children to sing their socks off and let off steam in a way that's easy and fun to manage. Over two hours of fun. All the games have easy to follow instructions and can be set up in a few minutes. The Games: Oranges and Lemons - The age old favourite that has been played by generations of children. As soon as you see the lyrics and the way to play you'll remember why this game is such fun. Song and Dance Challenges - Put on some upbeat music and become Len Goodman as the players dance. Persuade some friends to be judges. We've provided a list of 12 dance 'exercises' for the players to bop around to. When the music stops the last players to sit down have to perform one of the 12 challenges included. In and Out the Hanging Branches - An updated classic. It's a great game to play for children and adults alike, especially if you've got more than one circle going. Old MacDonald's Lost His Animals - Yes the careless man has lost them It's a team race to find the animals, while the song is being sung. The 36 animal cards can also be used for a quieter game of memory. The Hokey Cokey - Oh yes, another golden oldie. It is hard to beat this classic as a finale to a party. Ideal for parties for between 12 to 36 children aged 4 - 9 years.
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