Dornbracht 0415020060190 Thermostatic Cartridge with Temperature Handle Carrier

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Dornbracht 0415020060190 Thermostatic Cartridge with Temperature Handle Carrier

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Dornbracht 0415020060190 Thermostatic Cartridge with Temperature Handle CarrierManufacturer: DornbrachtProduct: Thermostatic Cartridge with Temperature HandleInstallation: Screw-FitNumber of O-Rings: 3Dornbracht 0415020060190 replacement thermostatic cartridge spare part is compatible with:Flush-mounted thermostats released between September 1992 and June 2005.– 35 505 970 90– 35 510 970 90– 36 505– 36 510xTool thermostats produced between October 2001 and June 2005.– 35 512 970 90– 35 525 970 90– 35 535 970 90– 35 545 970 90The Dornbracht thermostatic cartridge replacement part 0415020060190 has 2 gauzings for the incoming hot and cold water. It is equipped with a wax thermo-element for mixing both hot and cold to produce a stable and safe shower water temperature. It has three O-rings to prevent water from leaking out of the barrel. This Dornbracht spare part comes with a temperature handle carrier.Ways to know if Dornbracht thermostatic cartridge 0415020060190 is right for your Dornbracht Rough-In ValveAside from the description stated above, shower units usually have an identification number stamped on it. But, if you cannot find the identification number of your Dornbracht thermostatic cartridge 0415020060190, you can leave us a message with a photo of the cartridge you need to replace. We will gladly do the cartridge investigative work for you.One other way – a more complex (when compared to the aforementioned) and interesting method – is to determine the dimensions by taking the measurements of the cartridge itself, manually. You can use a tape measure or even a ruler for the approximations and compare it with the Dornbracht 0415020060190.Here’s how:1. Measuring the ThreadCartridges of today can be either a 3/4 or a 1/2 inch BSP (British Standard Pipe). A 3/4 inch BSP will have a measurement of around 26 millimeters across the cartridge thread. A half inch BSP will be around 21 millimeters.2. Measure the Total LengthThe cartridge needs to fit in the shower unit. This is why the overall length is vital. Too long or too short of a cartridge will not allow you to reattach the control handle properly. And, a nice fit will keep water flowing within the cartridge body onto the tap spout or shower head, without spilling out. Take the full length of the Dornbracht thermostatic cartridge you need to replace.3. Count the Spline TeethNotches on the spline head allow for perfect mating with the grooves under the handle cap, hence, the count on the cartridge should match with those on the handle. The number of teeth on the spline can go from 18 to 32. To count the notches you can use a pen to mark where you started.4. How Long is the Cartridge Stem?The stem establishes how far the cartridge collar is from the tap’s handle cap. If it is longer than required, you will not be able to attach the handle correctly.5. Fitment of the CartridgeNo measuring is involved for this last point. Cartridges can be push-fit or screw-fit. Push-fits come with a screw slot on the upper part of the barrel. This is for the grub screw which is used to hold the cartridge in place. Brass collars, or retaining rings, are used to secure other cartridges of this type.Cartridges with threads on the barrel are called screw-fit. Check whether your old cartridge has threads or none at all. The thermostatic cartridge spare should also have the same fitment. This Dornbracht thermostatic cartridge (0415020060190) has threads making it a screw-fit replacement cartridge.Is the 0415020060190 Dornbracht right for your shower? If it is, it can be delivered to you the next day when purchased before 3:00 PM.Common Bath Tap / Shower Unit Problem: Hard WaterWater passing through porous limestone and chalk becomes what we call “hard water”. This is because the water carries sediments and minerals that can build up and calcify in water pipes, shower hoses, shower heads, and the thermostatic cartridge. Calcification can clog or irreparably damage the cartridge. Symptoms of a broken thermostatic cartridge include fluctuating or inability to control water temperature.
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