Bright Look Chill / Heat Calming Gel Eye Mask

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Bright Look Chill / Heat Calming Gel Eye Mask

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Thermotherapy Calming Gel Mask Rest and revive your eyes with the Bright Look gel eye mask. Made from a non-toxic gel, this calming thermo-therapy mask isn’t just a beauty aid but can be used both cold and warm, making it useful for multiple common ailments. The chilled effect of the Bright Look gel eye mask reduces the appearance of tiredness and puffy eyes as well as serving to relieve a variety of other complaints.   Apply the Bright Look eye mask hot to stimulate blood circulation, enhance your general wellbeing and to diminish pain. Unlike some eye masks that completely cover the eyes, the Bright Look eye mask has an opening on each side, so that your visibility is not hindered during use; this makes it great for those people who suffer from mild claustrophobia.   The mask has a double elastic strap for perfect adjustment and comfortable fit. Approx dimensions: 23cm x 7cm Use chilled to: lower fevers reduce swelling relieve headaches & migraines soothe burns Use heated to: increase blood circulation lessen eye fatigue alleviate pain and discomfort
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