Shower Door Knob Chrome Handle 3cm x 4.2cm - Aluminium

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Shower Door Knob Chrome Handle 3cm x 4.2cm - Aluminium

来自 Di Vapor

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This is a shower door knob handle made from aluminium, measuring 3cm in depth (for one side of the handle, therefore 6cm in total), and 4.2cm in diameter at the door knobs widest point. The sturdy construction and non-rusting aluminium means we at Di Vapor have designed this handle to last the test of time.The shower door which this knob is connected to should have a hole that is at least 5mm in diameter as the threaded bolt connecting the outer and inner knob together is approximately 4.8mm.At 161 grams, the stainless chrome handle feels substantial and sturdy, while not compromising on its contemporary design and excellent finish.A perfect replacement for any broken shower knobs. It is even possible to use this knob as a replacement for a shower handle. Shower handles usually attach through two holes, therefore you can buy two of these knobs and fit them in the two holes in the shower door.This handle can be used as a replacement for Manhattan New Era and New Era 6 Ranges with quadrant, pivot, sliding and folding doors.
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