Glass Shower Door Pivot Hinge

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Glass Shower Door Pivot Hinge

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This is a Di Vapor polished chrome door pivot hinge which is typically used for glass doors and glass panels. The solid copper hinge weighs 385g (0.385 KG's), and is made to our stringent quality standards. This pivot hinge is popular amongst designers and architects.Sold Separately - One hinge per order.Technical Information - Dimensions: For detailed dimensions of the pivot hinge, please take a look at the technical diagram in the product images section of this page. - Glass Thickness: 6-8mm - Material: Copper - Finish: Polished mirror chrome - Total width of fixing plate: 75mm - Distance between the fixing holes: 66mm at the furthest point and 28mm at the closest point. The diameter of these fixing holes is 8.7mm. - Total height: 76.4mm - Fixing Hole InformationThere is one fixing hole which connects to the shower glass door. The size of the hole in the shower glass door needs to be at least 8mm as the bolt which goes though it is about 7.7mm in diameter. - Maximum Door Weight Load: The maximum weight limit per hinge is 25kg. We recommend that this weight limit is adhered to and considered when deciding how many hinges are being used per panel. Typical usage for most panels and doors is 2 -3 hinges per side. The maximum width of the glass door should be no more than 700mm. - Typically you will need two of these hinges, on for the top of the glass screen and one for the bottom. - Quantity: 1 x Hinge per orderTools needed: 5mm allen key and a 2.5mm allen key
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