Plastic Glass Clip Bracket for Shower Enclosure Floating Shelf - 6mm - 8mm

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Plastic Glass Clip Bracket for Shower Enclosure Floating Shelf - 6mm - 8mm

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This transparent clear floating shelf clip is used to hold the glass (or plastic) shelf in shower enclosures and steam showers. The clamp can hold glass shelves which measure 6mm - 8mm in thickness. The clip is sturdy and is designed to hold the weight of a shelf which is full of bottles of shampoo and conditioner. This Glass Shelf Clamp Support Bracket is sold individually. This shelf clip is also used on Sovereign shower enclosures and many other brands. Do not over tighten the fixing screw as this is one of the primary reasons for the plastic clip failing. Glass fitting hole size: 8mm-20mm (approx max size) Material: Transparent Plastic Compatible with: 6mm to 8mm thick glass shelves Fast Delivery: This glass shelf brackets for floating shelves in a shower enclosure will be dispatched on the same working day when the purchase is made before 3:00 PM. Do you prefer the glass shelf bracket metal version? + Please see DIV00701A. Technical Information: Glass Shelf Brackets for Floating Shelves Floating glass shelf brackets are typically made out of wood, metal, or plastic. The downside of metal brackets is their cost as metal is much more expensive. Wood, though stylish, can absorb the moisture present in a bathroom which can lead to damage. On the other hand, strong plastic provides stable support for up to a certain weight. It is resistant to steam and humidity. This transparent plastic bracket for floating shelves in a shower enclosure has a shelving clamp measuring 24mm in width, from its side. The diameter of its endplate is 25mm. An 8mm screw fits the shelving clamp together with the endplate. Dimensions of the glass shelf bracket for floating shelves viewed from the top: Shelving Clamp Diameter: 25mm End Plate Radius: 7.5mm Fixing Grub Screw: 7mm Dimensions of the Clip Bracket Viewed from the Side Shelving Clamp Length: 24mm End Plate Height: 25mm Please refer to the technical diagram above for the illustration of the measurements. Need a shelf that goes with this clip bracket? + Please check out our Clear Perspex Shower Storage Shelf. Frequently Asked Questions: Floating Glass Shelf Bracket Q: How many clips will I get in an order? A: One clip per order. This item is sold per piece. Q: How do I install the bracket? A: The bracket has a machine flat screw outlet on its end plate which can be attached to the bathroom wall. How to: Choosing the Right Bracket for Your Bathroom’s Floating Shelf To determine which clip bracket is the right size for your glass floating shelves, it is not only vital to know the thickness of the glass shelving but to also acquire brackets that are made specifically for glass shelves. Ensure the number of brackets you have will be able to support the weight of your shelf. Also, take into account the amount of load capacity you intend to place on the shelf. The thickness of the shelves can go from 6.35mm to 9.53mm. Attaching the Floating Shelf Bracket Mark the location on your wall where you want to attach the shelf. Use a tape measure to determine the distance from one end of the shelf to the other and mark it. Connect the two marks with a line. Attach the endplate of brackets on the wall along the line just made and make sure the brackets are equidistant with each other. Anchor the shelving clamp with the end plate with a screw. Then, install the shelf into each of the attached shelving clamps. We carry a variety of in-stock shower shelves and brackets. + Please have a look or message us if you need any assistance before making a purchase.
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