Paint Box: Creative, Active Fun Party Games

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Paint Box: Creative, Active Fun Party Games

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Three creative, active and fun games for play at home or a party: Paintbox 1 - The coloured cards are placed face up or down (depending on the ages of the children) at one end of a room. A colour is described in a clue and the children race to find it and place it on their paintbox. Paintbox 2 - Played exactly as in Game 1, but the cards are scattered face up around the house and players have to hunt for them. This is a great game for parties. Colour match - A new take on the memory game. Cards are placed face down and players take it in turn to turn up two cards of the same colour. When successful, they have to name two things of that colour. To make the game more challenging, you can introduce themes: two things of a certain colour in a zoo, in the house... the list is endless All 3 games can be set up in minutes. Easy to follow instructions 40 match and find coloured cards 6 paint boxes to fill with colour Riddles to stimulate colour association For between 2 to 36 players from 3 years onwards.
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