120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement - 7834928W

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120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement - 7834928W

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120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement. The cartridge has a hexagonal nut at the top which is used to remove and fit the cartridge in the valve. This cartridge is the latest version of the cartridge and replaces the version which doesn't have the nut (which can be seen in the photos). How to Know If the 120mm Thermostatic Cartridge is the Right Shower Replacement Part You Need? To know if the 120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement is the correct spare part for your shower valve, please take the old cartridge out of the valve and measure it. Compare its measurements to the information given below. Please pop us a message must you require further confirmation if this replacement thermostatic cartridge is the correct part for shower repair. We will gladly respond to your queries ASAP. Please see the second photo in the gallery for a visual representation of the measurements. - Cartridge Total Length: 119.8mm (i.e. 12cm / 120mm). This could be measures as 120mm or 12cm if not using callipers. - Diameter At Widest Metal Point: 36mm - Number of O Rings: 3 - Material: Brass - Type: Screw in (screws into the shower valve and has a thread on top of the cartridge which allows a fixing nut or plate to connect onto). - Gauze Filters: 2 - Number or Teeth: 24 - Diameter of toothed spindle which the temperature control handle connects onto: 9.4mm (0.94cm) Telltale Signs of a Faulty 120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Factors such as water quality and wear and tear can adversely affect any 120mm thermostatic cartridge. Among the most common indicators are problems with water temperature, drips, or inadequate water flow. How does the 120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Work? A thermostatic cartridge is sits in a shower mixer. It single-handedly controls the temperature of outbound water as determined by a shower user. This is due to the wax thermostatic element inside the shower cartridge barrel. A comfortable showering temperature, 38℃ or 100.4℉, is achieved by mixing hot and cold in equal amounts. We have a Thermostatic Cartridge Guide. Please visit the link for more information. Cartridge 120mm Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement is eligible for same-day dispatch when it is ordered before 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
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