145mm Straight Shower Enclosure Handle | 14.5cm Hole to Hole | Stainless Steel

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145mm Straight Shower Enclosure Handle | 14.5cm Hole to Hole | Stainless Steel

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Stylish, straight contemporary straight stainless steel shower door handle for glass holes 14.5cm apart. Price is per handle.The holes in your glass door will need to be at least 7mm in diameter for this handle.Please ensure you double check the measurement between the holes so you order the correct handle first time.The knob on the inside can also be used as a handle. The handle is made out of chrome plated stainless steel.There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a new replacement shower door handle which are the thickness of the glass, the diameter of the screw slot on your door and the distance of one slot to another.There are a wide variety of shower door types and designs. The same goes for handles that adorn the enclosure doors. This shower door spare part is a 145mm vertical straight shower door handle fitted with a grub screw for easy installation. Do you have further queries to make sure your are purchasing the correct replacement shower door handle?- You can contact us with your questions and we will get back to you in no time.Shower Doors and HandlesShower doors are classified into at least six types: the hinged, bypass, pivot, steam doors, neo-angle, and bath screen doors. Hinged doors and pivot doors are alike except for the type of hinge used. The joint on a hinged door swings in a 90-degree angle on one side alone while the pivot hinge on a pivot door can open and close with a full 180-degree. A bypass door is a sliding door that uses rollers for a smooth glide to open and close.Neo-angle shower doors have two immovable panels on the sides. Between the two sits another panel that serves as the shower space door. Built to span from floor to bathroom ceiling is a steam shower door preventing water vapor from escaping, hence transforming the shower enclosure into a steam room.A door composed of two or three rectangular glass connected together by hinges is called a bath screen door. One panel stays stationary while one or two are joined with a hinge that flexes to fold to open and unfold to flatten to close.Shower door handles are not only ornamental in nature but also functional. Vertical handles like this 145mm straight shower door handle go with a shower door that swings open or close. The 2178HAS is a straight handle for the easy opening of a hinged or pivot shower door.This straight shower door handle replacement also comes in 125mm, 130mm, 140mm, and 150mm.On the other hand, a handle that is affixed parallel to the ground typically goes with a sliding shower door. The long handle will cover the whole width of the panel that slides to open or close which can also be used as a towel rail.The 145mm Straight Shower Enclosure Handle (2178HAS) will be dispatched on the same day when ordered on a weekday before 3:00 PM.
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