150mm Shower Door Handle | 15cm (6 Inches) Hole to Hole | Stainless Steel

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150mm Shower Door Handle | 15cm (6 Inches) Hole to Hole | Stainless Steel

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Di Vapor straight stainless steel shower door handle which measures 150mm (15cm) / 6 inches from hole centre to hole centre. The fixing bolt that goes through the glass is approximately 5mm in diameter. The fixing bolt that goes through the glass is approximately 5mm in diameter.The 6 inch handle has a screw on knob which can be used to pull or slide the shower door from the inside of the shower.The price shown is per handle (one door). If you have two shower doors you will need to order a quantity of 2 (matched pair).Is your shower door handle starting to rust? Does it need to be replaced? Part number 150HAS is a replacement shower door handle made from the corrosion resistant material, stainless steel. It is capable of withstanding humidity protecting against corrosion or rust to some extent.This handle is also available in:– 125mm (12.5 cm),– 130mm (13 cm),– 140mm (14 cm),– and 145mm (14.5 cm).Replacement Vertical Straight Shower Door HandleThis shower door handle replacement spare part is perfect for framed or frameless shower screens. Whatever design it is: a pivoting shower door, sliding, or even bi-fold, this replacement handle will give your shower space a modern and sleek look. How will you know if this is the correct handle for your shower door?Taking measurements is fundamental in spare part purchasing. The measurements of the handle must be identical to the measurements of the fixing slots in your shower screen.First, you have to know how far apart the two drilled holes in your glass door are from each other. Second, you have to know the diameter of the holes. Third, how thick is your glass panel? Knowing these three facets is crucial in making sure the handle you will purchase is the right fit.Advantages:– Trouble-free shower screen opening and closing.– No more corrosion or rusty handles for quite some time.– Easy to install.– Fast Shipping. This replacement shower door handle can make its way to you via next day delivery. The option is available at checkout. All shower parts are dispatched on the same day as ordered when the purchase is made on a weekday before 3:00 PM.Simple Steps to Replacing the Shower HandleWith this substantial stainless steel handle shower door spare part, you can push or pull, or slide your shower door without a hitch. This handle has two pairs of washers to protect the glass and prevent it from shifting.Installing this part is easy and will only take 4 simple steps.1. Remove your old shower door handle.2. Remove the screw from the new shower handle's bottom cap. Turn the top knob by hand to remove it.3. Embed the fixing bolts in the glass door’s pre-drilled screw slots.4. Reattach the knob and secure the bottom cap.From knobs to curved, to single, and back-to-back, Di Vapor carries a wide selection of shower door handles for every shower door design.Some shower door types incorporate hinges that can open or close 90 degrees or pivot 180 degrees. These types are typically outfitted with a vertical handle. Others make use of rollers on a straight or curved track that slide to open and close. These doors are mounted with a long horizontal bar (can double as a towel bar) that spans the width of the sliding panel.
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