200mm Shower Screen Door Handle | 20cm / 8 Inches Hole to Hole

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200mm Shower Screen Door Handle | 20cm / 8 Inches Hole to Hole

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This stylish shower door handle will fit shower doors or screen which have fixing holes 200mm / 20cm / 8 Inches apart.A 5mm bore hole is required for mounting - The fixing bolt is 5mm. The high quality handle is made from stainless steel.Easy fitting - Simply unscrew your old handle and refit your new handle in minutes.Frequently Asked Questions: Shower Door HandleQuestion: Will the handle rust?Answer: This single-sided handle for bath enclosures is made from one of the densest and most durable metal, stainless steel. The material is known to be able to withstand rust and corrosion up to a certain degree. This handle will not wear out easily and will last long-term.Question: Will this product fit my shower door?Answer: This product has a 20-centimeter distance between fixing screws. As with selecting spare parts, measurements are important. There are three things to check to make sure this curved handle is right for your bath enclosure door. Check the thickness of your glass door. Also, check the distance between the two pre-drilled holes relative to each other. Check the size (diameter) of the screw holes. These are done to ascertain it will fit perfectly with your bath screen.If in doubt, please feel free to contact us. We will help you ascertain if this shower door replacement handle fits in your shower door.We offer a wide range of excellently made replacement shower door handles.Shower Doors and HandlesBathroom hardware can upgrade the look of a bathing space. Just as there are various shower door types, there are various handle designs. Doors can be hinged or sliding, pivoting or bi-fold. Handles can be straight or curved, two-sided (back-to-back) or one-sided, vertical or horizontal.Hinged type bath screens open with a 90-degree angle. Handles that usually go with the hinged door is a vertical shower handle. It can either be one- or two-sided. Long, one-sided horizontal shower handles, which can serve as a towel bar, are also fitted with this door type.As the name suggests, sliding doors use wheels sliding a single panel to open and close a shower enclosure. Horizontal handles that span the breadth of the door are fitted. Pivoting bath doors have hinges that can pivot 180 degrees when opening or closing it. A bi-fold shower door has two hinged panels that fold to open or close. The panels are attached to a single static glass pane. Bi-fold bath screens do not have handles, but some come with a vertical one.
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