2cm Square Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

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2cm Square Acrylic Mirror Mosaic Tiles

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Various 2cm quantities available starting from 50pcs These also make fantastic tiny mirrors for mosaic craft projects.  These are NOT flimsy stickers/sticky-backed or thin pieces, these acrylic tiles are 3mm thick, giving them a more stable reflection and less chances of breakage. Please note that ALL tiles have a protective film on them which needs to be removed to show the mirror/reflective surface. Square tile Mirrors & Mosaic Mirror Tiles, have the same reflection as a normal mirror, make great tiles for decoration, put up with pva glue, and the job is done. Please do not use corrosives with this product. Great for arts and crafting, mosaic designs, funky wall decorations, mirror on mirror art, tile mirrors, bathroom mirrors, kitchen mirrors, and there are plenty of projects online to work with.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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