Aqualisa 518114 Midas 100, 200 and 300 Low Pressure Thermostatic Cartridge

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Aqualisa 518114 Midas 100, 200 and 300 Low Pressure Thermostatic Cartridge

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Aqualisa 518114 Midas 100, 200 and 300 Low Pressure Thermostatic Cartridge. This Aqualisa 518114 cartridge is used in: - Aqualisa 100 Midas Shower Bar - Aqualisa 200 Midas Shower Bar - Aqualisa 300 Midas Shower Bar If you are experiencing difficulties with the temperature of your shower water then the cartridge is the prime suspect. Aqualisa 518114 Measurements and Other Information The Aqualisa 518114 thermostatic cartridge spare part for Midas 100, 200, and 300 includes a grub screw for securing the cartridge in the shower valve. Cartridge Measurements: Total Length: 91.4mm (including wax thermostat at bottom) Diameter at Widest Point: 33.8m Top Spline Diameter: 9.6mm Top Spline Teeth / Notches: 24 Diameter at Top O'ring: 33.5mm Diameter at Middle O'ring: 31.8mm Diameter at Bottom O'ring: 30.1mm Fitting Type: Push Fit with M5 (5.7mm) Grub Screw (Grub Screw Not Included) Other Information: Manufacturer: Aqualisa Product: Low Pressure Thermostatic Cartridge Spare Part 518114Installation: Screw-Fit Number of O-Rings: 3 Number of Gauzing: 2 Installing the 518114 Aqualisa Thermostatic Cartridge in Aqualisa Midas Showers Step 1Isolate the hot and cold water supplies.Step 2If necessary, use a flat-head screwdriver.Midas 100: Remove the temperature handle’s centre indice. Unscrew the handle. Remove.Midas 200 and 300: Remove the handle chrome cap. Undo the centre screw. Remove the handle.Step 3Note down the “stop” position. Slide out the temperature stop ring.Step 4Locate the grub screw and use an Allen key to remove. Extract the faulty cartridge from the shower valve.Step 5Apply silicone grease on the Aqualisa 518114 replacement thermostatic cartridge O-rings. Introduce the new cartridge in the valve unit making sure the grub screw hole on the cartridge is aligned with the hole in the housing. Set it in place with the screw. Step 6Calibrate the new cartridge if desired. (Please refer to the section below.)Step 7Restore the temperature stop ring in the same position as in step 3.Midas 100: Return the handle. Be careful not to move the splines. Screw and secure. Push the indice back in its original place.Midas 200 and 300: Taking care not to move the splines, return the handle and affix it with the screw. Do not over tighten. Pop in the chrome cap.Temperature AdjustmentAqualisa recommends the Midas shower valve series be calibrated up to a max temperature of 46℃ or 114.8℉. Use a digital thermometer to measure the shower water temperature as you calibrate the Aqualisa 518114.Step 1Switch the shower on. The hot water system must be at a normal max temperature.Step 2Rotate the temperature control handle until the override button is at 12:00.Step 3Detach the temperature handle and the stop ring. Please do not forget the exact position of the stop ring before removing it. You can take a picture of it as a reference.Step 4Open the shower. Use the thermometer to gauge the shower temperature.– Turn the Aqualisa thermostatic cartridge splines anticlockwise for hotter temperature.– Turn the splines clockwise for colder temperature.Step 5Close the shower and begin rebuilding the handle.Step 6Return the stop ring. The stop must be at the same spot where it was before it was removed in step 3.Push the handle’s temperature override button as you set it on top of the 518114 Aqualisa thermostatic cartridge splines at a 12:00 position. Make sure the splines do not shift. Screw the handle tight, but do not over tighten. Restore the indice (Midas 100) or the chrome cover cap (Midas 200 and 300).
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