Chip Shade Book Solid Uncoated


Chip Shade Book Solid Uncoated

Chip Shade Book Solid Uncoated

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Chip Shade Book Solid Uncoated. Specifications: Item: U/C GP1601N COLOR: 1867kinds Color Solid Pantone Plus Series Formula Color Guide Chip shade Book Solid Uncoated   867 Solid PANTONE Colors Portable Fan Guide Format Text-weight Paper PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for Updating PANTONE Colors in Popular Design Applications Ink Mixing Formulas in Parts Color Locator Index Each Color Identified with a Distinct PANTONE Number or Name Colors Bleed for Ease and Accuracy in Checking Colors Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to Aid in Lighting Evaluation Dimension : 233 X 43 X 42 Mm . Your order will be shipped from abroad so please allow the necessary time of at least 14 work days for delivery due to ongoing delays in postal deliveries globally.
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  • EAN: 3503954189717
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