Clearspring - Kombu 50g

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Clearspring - Kombu 50g

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Thick, wide strips of Kombu are commonly used to flavour Japanese soups, noodle broths and stocks (dashi). Kombu contains natural glutamic acid - an umami-providing amino acid - that draws out the taste of other foods. To prepare a basic stock, add one piece of kombu to a litre of water and bring to a simmer. If the kombu is soaked in the water for an hour first it will become tender enough after simmering to slice, season and add to vegetable dishes. A strip of kombu cooked with beans helps to soften them and improve digestibility. Kombu is a Japanese variety of kelp with pronounced culinary appeal. Whilst a lot of Japanese kombu is cultivated nowadays, Clearspring kombu is harvested wild in the cold waters off Hidaka in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. Wild Hidaka kombu is considered a premium grade, being prized both for its tenderness, enabling it to be used as a vegetable, and for its exceptional flavouring ability. Kombu contains a wide range of minerals and is especially rich in iodine. Clearspring Kombu is Laminaria japonica, sustainably wild harvested and dried in Japan. Ingredients: Dried Kombu sea vegetable (Laminaria japonica)
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