Cleo Q Probiotic Deep Cleansing Mousse 150ml

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Cleo Q Probiotic Deep Cleansing Mousse 150ml

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Cleo Probiotic Deep Cleansing Mousse PEARL EXTRACT, ALOE & GREEN TEA Our patented co-fermentation process cleanses deep into pores retaining the skin's balance, preventing moisture loss and oil accumulation. Rich in natural nutrients including amino acids, peptides, probiotics and lactic acids, Cleo's probiotic foam cleanser is a unique mineral and herbal formula which promotes biosynthesis of collagens, fibronectin and keratin to recover skin’s elasticity and luminosity. INGREDIENTS Pearl Extract maintains skin tone and fights ageing. Containing protein complexes, amino acids and polysaccharides which synergistically enhance skin moisture and UV protection, it is particularly beneficial for maintaining healthy skin tone and to combat ageing. Aloe vera contains over seventy-five nutrients, twenty minerals, nineteen amino acids (including all eight essential amino acids and eleven secondary amino acids) and twelve vitamins. Offering a multitude of benefits too numerous to mention Aloe is famous for soothing, healing, repairing damaged cells and boosting collagen. Green Tea emerging research has identified that green tea is just as beneficial to the skin as the rest of the body. Green tea leaves contain polyphenols – recognized potent antioxidants thought to be 200 times more powerful than vitamin E for neutralising free radicals. It also has an inhibitory action against the break down of collagen and has natural wound healing and cell regeneration properties. Papaya Proteolytic Enzyme is beneficial to heal wounds and treat skin disorders. It naturally exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells enhancing skin smoothness and encouraging cell renewal. It is also sometimes used to moderate freckles or brown spots from sun exposure and brings a natural healthy look to the skin. Liquorice Extract is often used topically as a skin lightener as it inhibits the production of melanin age spots and hyper-pigmentation so can help reduce the variances in skin tone. Glabridin – a compound within licorice extract also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, therefore use of skin care formulations that include this ingredient are less likely to cause allergic reactions, irritation, or redness. Hyaluronic Acid is a sticky clear fluid found naturally in the body between the collagen and elastin fibre networks in the dermis and plays a vital role in skin tissue regeneration as it is able to hold large amounts of moisture (1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid can attract 500cc of water). Increasing the hyaluronic acid content in your skin enhances hydration, firming and plumping the epidermis and reduces the formation of fine lines. Amino Acids are building blocks of proteins that catalyze most of the reactions in living cells and are the main moisture retention factors in human skin encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. QUALITIES Cleo probiotic skin care is hypo-allergenic, making it a perfect option for those with sensitive skin or a tendency to irritation when using other skin care products, particularly ones which are heavily perfumed which Cleo avoids. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination, young, old, male or female, our products will work for you.
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