KTS Titanium Strat Block Saddles 10.5mm String Spacing

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KTS Titanium Strat Block Saddles 10.5mm String Spacing

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KTS premium-grade titanium block saddles that can be used on most Strat-style guitar bridges including the current American Vintage Fender Strat's, PRS, Gotoh GTC101 and many others. KTS Tone-Resonant Titanium is proud to announce our newest product, PR-17 bridge saddles. They will not fit a lot of the American Standard Strat's or any other Fender's that have the off-set intonation screws, the PR-17's having centrally-located intonation screws.KTS Titanium upgrades for guitars and basses are the first choice of innovative musicians and quality guitar builders, worldwide. KTS Titanium precision-machined upgrades are unlike ordinary cast or pot metal bridge parts. Titanium delivers far more responsive note-to-note separation and a broader dynamic tonal range, freeing the experienced player to explore more of the instruments capabilities.PR-17 is made by using KTS's unique and proprietary metal processing technology. Unlike other manufacturers who use random surplus Titanium scrap, KTS utilizes only premium-grade, formula-specific metal. And KTS is the only manufacturer with the technology to remove rolling stress and repair the Titanium's somewhat damaged crystal structure from the complex manufacturing process. The result is the ultimate tone-resonant material, ideal for bridge saddles and other components. With PR-17 bridge saddles expect: Longer sustain Clearer note separation and string-to-string definition Improved harmonic response and touch sensitivity Greater tuning stability Less string breakage SPECIFICATIONS:6pcs. Metric-thread grub screws: 8mm length stainless steel (also included are 8 x 10mm metric grub screws if extra saddle height is required)Material: Titanium Grade-2 (Grade 2 titanium shares many qualities as Grade 1 titanium only being slightly stronger and more durable and remaining equally as resistant to corrosion)Width: 10.5mm (.413")Height: 4.5mm(.177")Length: 19.0mm(.748")E to E spacing: 52.5mm(2.067") Based in Tokyo in Japan, KTS were the first company to develop and manufacture tone-resonant titanium saddles for guitars and basses. The bridge saddle is a key and crucial part in helping to create the sound of the guitar because it is in direct contact with the guitar string and titanium creates a more consistent string vibration, resulting in a fuller tone with longer sustain compared to any other saddle made from alternative materials. Titanium saddles have become a popular upgrade for guitars and basses, with large guitar manufacturers in the industry recognising the benefits and now fitting them as standard on a lot of their instruments. However, unlike other manufacturers who use random surplus titanium scrap, KTS utilises only premium-grade, formula-specific metal. Manufactured to very high tolerances in Japan, KTS begin their production with round rod titanium and then cold-roll it several times to form the correct shape for each individual model of saddle. The titanium is then annealed at a very high-temperature in an argon gas atmosphere to create a very high structural stability within the saddle and increase its overall durability and strength. After this, the saddles are then sent to the final machining process, ready to be fitted to the guitar bridge. KTS have always ensured that their attention to detail and sourcing the very best materials create the ultimate titanium saddles available today. This is why high-end boutique builders such as DeTemple Guitars, Marchione Guitars and Joe Barden have all sung the praises of KTS titanium saddles and top named-players are using KTS such as Larry Carlton, Al Di Meola, Pat Martino, Jon Herington (Steely Dan) and Don Felder (Eagles) to name but a few. For more information on our Titanium products, please go to our dedicated site - http://www.kts-titanium.co.uk/ Download a review of Titanium Saddles from Guitarist Magazine here.
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