LX LP300 Pump 3 HP | Hot Tub | Spa | Whirlpool Bath | Water Circulation Pump | 220V/50Hz | 10.0 Amps

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LX LP300 Pump 3 HP | Hot Tub | Spa | Whirlpool Bath | Water Circulation Pump | 220V/50Hz | 10.0 Amps

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LX LP300 Pump 3 HP | Hot Tub | Spa | Whirlpool Bath | Water Circulation Pump | 220V/50Hz | 10.0 Amps. LX LP300 Pump Technical Information Brand: LX Product: LP300 Pump HP: 3 Maximum Water Flow: 635 Liters per Minute Intended for: Hot Tub, Whirlpool Bath, and Spa Pools Certification: TUV Certified and CE Certified LX LP300 pump is a single-phase, centrifugal water pump. It has a two-inch diameter wet end suction (located at the middle of the unit) and backflow (located at the right of the unit). It is equipped with a thermal detector mechanism to prevent overheating, making it a good replacement part for hot tubs and spa systems, except those with SpaQuip and SpaNet controllers. A pump can have a machine running up to five horsepower. The voltage capacity can be 220-240 volts or 110-120 volts. The LX LP300 pump is a three horsepower. We carry wide selection of genuine LX water pumps.To be certain which is the right water pump for your hydrotherapy solution, please check the label found on your old machine, or contact us for inquiries. LX LP300 Centrifugal Water Pump: How it Works Water circulation pumps power the body jets of a tub, whirlpool bath, and other spa systems. The most common type of pump used in these is coined as centrifugal. A centrifugal pump, also known as a radial-flow pump, is a high-pressure pump built with a backward-swept rotor rotating anticlockwise. The pump speeds up water flow as it goes through the center. Water vents out of the pump in a radial manner, hence the name. A pump containing one rotor is considered as a single-phase or single-speed pump. An example of a single-phased centrifugal water pump is the LX LP300 pump. Priming and Self-Priming Pumps Air is lighter than water, hence in a manual priming pump, it will stay afloat on top of the casing. This will prevent the rotor from operating and may lead to overheating. Air and water can circulate in a self-priming, centrifugal pump. The machine itself combines both elements into a single fluid and then vents the air out. Water without air is denser than air and water combined. This allows water to move through the rotor energizing hot tub and whirlpool bath jets. Want to know more about water pumps? - Please head on to our Whirlpool Bath Buyers Guide.
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