SC50T20 Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge (Valquest SC50-T20 and SC50T20-M)

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SC50T20 Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge (Valquest SC50-T20 and SC50T20-M)

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SC50 T20 TMV2 Thermostatic Cartridge Replacement. The SC50-T20 (SC50T20) is used on the following shower mixer valve - Crosswater Totti Thermostatic Shower Valve - CROSSWATER-PARENT-3 - Hudson Reed Tec Pura Showers - Hudson Reed REI3407 Reign Twin Concealed Shower Valve - Twin & Triple Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve - Also known as SC50-T20, SC50T20-M, SC50T20 and SC50 T20 - Patent Markings: GB-2399159, US-6994266, CN1628275, EP-1463982 Crosswater SC50T20 Technical Information - **Important** - This is the 20 tooth / groove version of the cartridge. - Total Length: 119.5mm (11.95cm) - Width of Spindle Head (which the handle connects onto): 7.6mm - Width at Widest Point: 53.5mm (5.35cm) - Width of body at Bottom: 41.2mm - Number of Filters: 0 - Material: Plastic - Colour: Brown and Black - Number of O rings: 3 Please refer to the second image in the gallery for a diagram of the measurements. We supply an array of thermostatic cartridges. + Please do leave us a message should you have trouble finding the right spare part for your shower. + You can also contact us on WhatsApp through 07379 120664. Di Vapor's super friendly spares experts will gladly respond to your messages. We are here to serve your spares needs Frequently Asked Question: SC50T20 Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge Q: Is the cartridge meant to click when I turn the temperature control handle?A: The temperature control handle should turn smoothly with no clicks. If you are hearing clicks, the cartridge has probably been broken. Should this be the case, the only solution is an SC50T20 Crosswater replacement cartridge.Q: The top of my cartridge looks the same but the bottom doesn't.A: Your cartridge has become unscrewed from the rest of the cartridge which is probably still left in the valve. You will need to screw the SC50T20 back into the Crosswater valve and then pull it out.Q: Little bits of dirt in the pipes went into the shower valve when it was first run. Can you tell me if the cartridge is broken or if it just needs to be cleaned? Advice would be appreciated.A: If you are receiving hot water to other taps in your bathroom then we'd think the problem would be either with a blocked hot water pipe feeding the shower valve or a faulty cartridge. Try flushing out the pipes, removing any airlocks that may be present.Q: Is it possible to buy a seal kit for this cartridge?A: There are no seal kits for the SC50T20 cartridge.Q: I don't know if I need the 20 teeth or 32 teeth version.A: You can count the number of teeth that you have on your cartridge by using something like a pin. Take a long pin, paperclip, knife, or anything with a point, place it in one of the grooves and slowly move it around the cartridge, counting each tooth. Do be sure to know what tooth you began on, however, it should be quite obvious whether it's the 20 or 32 teeth version you have.The Crosswater spare part thermostatic cartridge SC50T20 can be dispatched on the same working day when ordered before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday. About: Crosswater Spare Part SC50T20 SC50T20 has an anti-scald safeguard permitting the valve to cut water supply as fast as 1.5 seconds when cold or hot water supply fails. The thermostatic cartridge can manage water temperature by +/– 1°. Another feature of this cartridge is it can be reversible for compatible shower valves, except for the SC40 shower model. Meaning, it can go in either cold or hot water supplies. This thermostatic cartridge carries a maximum inlet ratio of five to one. The hot water supply temperature ranges from 55℃ (131℉) to 65℃ (149℉) while cold water supply is around 25℃ (77℉). Shower Valve Disassembly and SC50T20 Cartridge Replacement Before dismantling a Crosswater shower valve to install the SC50T20 cartridge, always remember to shut off cold and hot water pipes. 1. Unscrew the valve handle off. 2. Extract the cartridge from the unit using a spanner. If it is stuck, it is presumed that hard water debris has collected in the valve and the cartridge. A tool called a valve puller is needed to take the cartridge out. 3. Apply si
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