SK1600-1 Seal Kit for Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers 1600 Series Thermostatic Cartridges

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SK1600-1 Seal Kit for Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers 1600 Series Thermostatic Cartridges

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SK1600-1 Seal Kit for Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers 1600 series thermostatic cartridges.The seal kit includes what you can see in the photo. The kit doesn't include hard white plastic spacer washers as this part rarely falters.This seal kit is designed to replace the seals on the following thermostatic cartridges: - Sirrus TS1600 shower valve models - Sirrus 1600 cartridge assembly - Sirrus SK1600-2 thermostatic cartridge - Sirrus Ts 1600 Thermostatic Shower - Sirrus 1600 Thermostatic Shower - Sirrus Gum-sk 160-2 ts1600 cartridge - TS160 valveIncludedNumber of O rings: 15Number of E clips and circlips: 2This seal kit is often bought with the The wax element which is used in this cartridge can be found here: - Sirrus SK1500-3 Thermostat and Piston.Postage within the UK will cost £1.95 for this seal kit.Common Questions Regarding the SK600-1 Seal KitQuestion: I have had a constant drip / leak from my shower valve which has gotten worse over the past month. What do I need to do to fix this problem? I have had a look around the back of the valve and I can see that the problem is not with the pipes or hoses. The leak is coming from the front of the valve from around where the cartridge is installed. By the sounds of it, based on what you've said, it certainly does sound like the problem are deteriorating seals. You should replace all of the seals on the cartridge as if one is going you can be assured the others are either gone or are on their way out also. It's worth a shot for the price; it's much more cost effective than replacing the entire cartridge or the entire valve.Answer: I need the SK1600-2 thermostatic cartridge assembly, do you sell it?Question: Unfortunately the SK1600-2 cartridge has been discontinued and is no longer available however we do sell the components which make up the cartridge (the parts which actually go wrong). It's unlikely that the brass housing you have has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be replaced.We recommend a complete servicing of the valve cartridge, therefore you will need to soak the brass cartridge in a descaler or vinegar and then replace the following components: - The SK600-1 Seal Kit on this page - Sirrus SK1500-3 Thermostat and Piston
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