VADO CAR-K28A 28mm Lever Ceramic Disc Cartridge

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VADO CAR-K28A 28mm Lever Ceramic Disc Cartridge

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VADO CAR-K28A 28mm Lever Ceramic Disc CartridgeThis cartridge is used in the following Vado valves: - INS-100/SB-C/P - INS-100E/SB-C/P - Notion NOT-100/SB-C/P - Notion NOT-100E/SB-C/P - Notion NOT-110-C/P - Te Falls TEF-100/SB-C/P - Te Falls TEF-100/CC-C/P - Te Falls TEF-100E/SB-C/P - Te Falls TEF-100E/CC-C/PTotal Length (excluding locating pins): 53mmBarrel Diameter: 28mm Vado CAR-K28A: Lever Tap Repair Basic Tips The CAR-K28A is a 28mm Vado lever cartridge. It is a ceramic replacement valve with two locating pins that can stop the tap from dripping. Tip 1 Is the CAR-K28A Vado cartridge the suitable spare part? Make sure you have the correct replacement cartridge for your basin tap. If you need help identifying tap parts, please leave us a message.+ You can also choose to chat with friendly spares experts from Di Vapor via WhatsApp (07379 120664). We are happy to help with your spares needs.Weekend messages will be responded to first on Monday. Tip 2 Close the tap’s hot and cold water supply before trying to access the Vado CAR-K28A. Tip 3 Look for the tap handle screw. It can be located at the back of the handle (for Vado Notion NOT-100E/SB-C/P and Vado Te Falls TEF-100/SB-C/P). For some tap models, you have to unscrew the handle lever to access the grub screw. Once you have located the screw, loosen it using an Allen key to remove the handle. Tip 4 Depending on the tap model, there can be a retaining nut holding the cartridge in place. You can use a spanner to remove the nut. Then, pull the Vado CAR-K28A cartridge out. Tip 5 There are a few things you can try if you are having a hard time removing the retaining nut of the Vado CAR-K28A. – Use extra force. – Spray a liberal amount of WD-40 on the retaining nut. Leave it for a few hours to overnight. – Slowly pour hot water on the nut and see if the increased temperature will loosen the mineral deposit. Take care when using the hot water method to prevent burns. If it still cannot be removed the only option left is to replace the whole tap. Tip 6 Smudge silicone grease on the seals of the replacement Vado CAR-K28A prior to installing it in the basin tap seat. It can safeguard the seals from pinching and prevent premature deterioration. Please refer to the section below for the budget-friendly plumbing grease we carry. Tip 7 Seat the Vado CAR-K28A in the tap. Make sure the two tiny locating pins at the bottom of the cartridge is embedded in the holes specifically for the locating pins. This will prevent the CAR-K28A from shifting in the valve. You can wiggle and twist the cartridge until it stays in place. Then fasten it with the retaining nut. Tip 8 Tighten but do not over tighten the screws and Vado CAR-K28A retaining nut. Tip 9 Reassemble the handle in reverse order from which the parts were removed. When putting the handle back, put it in the “on” position when securing the screw. This will lessen the pressure on the seals. The Vado CAR-K28A will be shipped out on the same business day (Monday to Friday) for purchases made before 3 PM.
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