WD Music Piezo Ceramic Disc Pickup

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WD Music Piezo Ceramic Disc Pickup

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Measuring 20mm in diameter and 0.4mm thick, the piezo ceramic disc is an inexpensive yet very effective way to amplify your instrument. Unlike a regular electric guitar pickup that relies on electronically sensing a vibrating string within a magnetic field, the piezo disc picks up the natural vibration from the guitar body and creates an electrical signal. It is ideal for use on acoustic guitars or "cigar box" guitars for this very reason. The position of the disc can affect the tone of the amplified signal and experimentation is key in finding the best sound - typically mounting it just inside the soundhole of the guitar nearer to the bass strings often produces good results but as always personal taste dictates.In terms of mounting, using a non-permanent soft adhesive such as Blu Tack means that no permanent modification to the instrument is required and allows for multiple repositioning to find the best sound position on the instrument. Blu Tack is normally sold in a sheet form that is around 3 - 4mm thick and keeping it at this thickness when mounting the pickup also helps remove some of the high-end frequencies. A piezo disc has the tendenacy to pick up too many knocks and 'scrapes' from the guitars sound board while being played along with also having a tendency to sound a bit too harsh. The layer of Blu Tack between pickup and soundboard resolves this issue.As an additional option, it is possible to use more than one disc on an instrument and they can be 'daisy-chained' together in parallel to increase overall output as well as providing the ability to pick up the vibrations from two or more different areas of the guitar for more tonal experimentation Sold with the two attached 29cm hook-up wires that can then be soldered directly to a jack socket (not included).  
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