WD Music P-90 Pickup Cover Black Plastic

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WD Music P-90 Pickup Cover Black Plastic

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The P-90 pickup cover of often referred to as a soap-bar P-90 pickup cover and has been used for many years to house P-90 pickups in guitars like the Gibson Les Paul and SG. The P-90 pickup mounting screws travel through the centre of the pickup and cover to mount directly into the body of the instrument without the need for a pickguard or mounting rings. The mounting screws are not included - see part S-90SCREW Important Specs and Dimensions: O.D. dimensions Width = 3 23/64 in. (85.4mm) Length = 1 23/64 in. (34.6mm) Height = 5/8 in. (16.06mm) I.D. Dimensions Width = 3 13/64 in. (81.4mm) Length = 1 13/64 in. (30.57mm) Depth = 9/16 in. (14.15mm) Pole Piece spacing = 1 31/32 in. (50mm) Mounting screw hole location = 25/32 in. (20mm) apart 25/64 in. (10mm) from centre
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