Xgecu Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Isp Support


Xgecu Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Isp Support

Xgecu Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Isp Support

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Xgecu Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Isp Support. Features: Ultra Speed Universal 56-pins Powerful Pindrivers Programmer, No Adapter Required for Any DIL Devices. Fully Open Source Programming Adapter and Competitive Price. Design Focused on High-capacity Memories Programming. User-friendly Software Interface, Easy to Use, More Functions, Easy to Upgrade software Support High Voltage, the Highest Voltage Reaches 25.0V Ultra-high Cost Performance, Suitable for Small Batch Programming Below 5000  Also Suitable for Developers and Professional Maintenance Personnel. Specifications: Style: Programmer Power Source: 5V Model Number: T56 Max. Digits: T56 T56 Programmer 56 Pin Drivers ISP Package Include: One Pcs XGecu T56 Programmer One Pcs USB Cable One Pcs ICSP Cable . Your order will be shipped from abroad so please allow the necessary time of at least 14 work days for delivery due to ongoing delays in postal deliveries globally.
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