5ft Audio Video Cable for Sony VMC-15MR2 Multi Terminal Port to RCA Handycam AV

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5ft Audio Video Cable for Sony VMC-15MR2 Multi Terminal Port to RCA Handycam AV

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A/V Connecting Cable for Sony VMC-15MR2 Multi Terminal Port Compatible with the following Models Sony DCR-SX83 HDR-CX100 HDR-CX110 HDR-CX11E HDR-CX12 HDR-CX12E HDR-CX130 HDR-CX150 HDR-CX160 HDRCX220 HDR-CX220 HDRCX230 HDR-CX230 HDRCX240 HDR-CX240 HDRCX280 HDR-CX280 HDRCX280E HDR-CX280E HDRCX290 HDR-CX290 HDRCX290E HDR-CX290E HDR-CX300 HDR-CX320 HDRCX330 HDR-CX330 HDR-CX350V HDRCX380 HDR-CX380 HDRCX380E HDR-CX380E HDRCX390 HDR-CX390 HDRCX390E HDR-CX390E HDR-CX410 HDRCX430 HDR-CX430 HDR-CX500 HDR-CX500V HDRCX510 HDR-CX510 HDRCX510E HDR-CX510E HDR-CX520 HDR-CX520V HDR-CX550V HDR-CX720 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX1000E HDRPJ220 HDR-PJ220 HDRPJ220E HDR-PJ220E HDRPJ230 HDR-PJ230 HDRPJ230E HDR-PJ230E HDR-PJ320 HDRPJ380 HDR-PJ380 HDRPJ380E HDR-PJ380E HDRPJ390 HDR-PJ390 HDR-PJ420 HDR-PJ650 HDR-PJ780 HDR-SR11 HDR-SR12 HDR-TG1 HDR-TG5V HDR-UX10 HDR-UX20 HDR-XR100 HDR-XR101 HDR-XR150 HDR-XR200 HDR-XR200V HDR-XR350V HDR-XR500 HDR-XR500V HDR-XR520 HDR-XR520V HDR-XR550V HVR-Z5U HXR-MC1 MHS-CM1 MHS-CM1/D MHS-CM1/V MHS-PM1 MHS-PM1/D MHS-PM1/V NEX-VG20  Compatible with part numbers: Sony VMC-15MR2 Mfr # VMC15MR2 Share your footage on the TV screen with this Handycam® camcorder A/V cable. The cable is compatible with all Handycam® camcorders that are equipped with a Multi Terminal input.
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